Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's a Baby Girl !

Friday, March 17, 2006

I Must Step In . If I Really Care !

Today me and my friend was sitting near the entrance of a open restaurant having lunch.
Suddenly I heard a little girl begging for food.. i felt really bad to see that girl. Ofcourse she was very well build enough to do some or the other work and earn her bread but still many of these beggars take begging as their family tradition or something else . Few of them even blackmail us emotionally to earn their bread i feel they should use these talents in some other better way.

If they are physically challenged i dont mind giving them food or money but many of them aren't really. Most of them are jus mentally challenged ~ in the sense kinda hatred towards working and earning money and yeah few demand money as if its their Birth Right !

(~~ This reminds me of one incident !

One day on my way back to home from school .. i was in 24c Last seat waiting for the
bus to leave the terminus. One little guy came near me and asked for money
i gave him 2 Rs. which really was considered to be decent change while i was in my school days.
To my surprise that guy jus gave me back the 2 rs and walked away.
Oops ! i was literally shocked !He doesnt consider that 2RUPEES as some money.
And thats how mostly those beggars treat money as.

He was a Real Chooser !~~)

ok coming to today's happenings
One way i felt i should give that little girl some food but other heart said
No!if u do that, it might be spoiling her.
Suddenly a "Anglo-Indian" female who was having her
food beside me jus stood up and gave some of her food from her plate to that girl.

I felt :| ! Why didn't i get to do that ?
what ever it is.. i cant change that little girl in a single day
but for that moment atleast i must have given her food and later if i find her outside the
restaurant i shud have adviced her if i really felt the same, But i didnt do any of the above !
I feel This is how many thingss happen next to our shadow daily
where we jus say "Tssh tshh" or show :( or think *&*&*&^* and we move away !

I feel I Must Step In !If I Really Care !

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Last Night !

Last night was so Bad…
Things were on usual track

but still it looked differently pricking my soul
i wish they were mere illusions but still it wasn't

Today I could see people with colors
I matched the happenings with last night
Then I realized what happened was

Jus life’s own colors
But still am not convinced

last night was really bad

I know everything works

but in it's own destined way
And that’s how it worked even last night
But still last night was ......

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Ma !

Wanted to wish you in person , with a warm hug.. but still these Km's and Miles doesnt allow few things. Jus few more days to be back home..waiting badly for a forehead kiss , for a hug , for few really meaningful caring words, for few gossips.. oh mom i really miss them.Oh yaaa the biggest missing is .. am missing ur coffee..No one can ever dream of nearing your tastyy tasty creamy creamy hot hot coffee..its second to none :)

Monday, March 13, 2006

Pune Traffic !

I wanted to blog on pune traffic .. oh man!.. inga romba kashtam vandi ottarthu
"Anniyan ~ "Ambi" solraa maathiri yaarumae rules follow panna mattaengrangha "

Chennai looks far - far better.. inga once green signal vizhundha pothum ellarum povaanga..
ennada correct thaane'nu yosikareengala.. am saying green signal one side'la vizhundha pothum.. manasaatchiyae illama ella side'laernthum vandi parakkuthu. I have a friend here
my chennai friend , i had seen him driving as a normal chennai'ite koncham rules follow pannuvaan , but avanum inga perfect pune'ite aayitaaan

Me : Dey innum signal vizhala da
Friend :Hey iru pa , inga namma ninna.. they will start honking.. as if namma thappu panraa mathiri..
Me: iru paarpome
crowd -- oops orae horn sattham thaan..we really got embarrased
Me : correct da.. :)
friend : Oorudan otthu vaazh :)

Heights of happiness :
1) yaaravathu indicator pottu turn and my friend feel happy and proud to see that person !
Padichavan pola irukkunu solli , siruchupome :)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

summaa timepass

Enna da ivolo paeru blog'sla irukaanga .. namma ippo nuzhanchu enna pannidaporome.. enakku
Koncham kirukka varum athukkaaga summa kirukka mudiyumaa ?
Topicae illaama ? sari ethavathu kirukalamnu paartha.. SATHI ! :
inga en office'la romba mosam ellam links'um block:( eppidiyoo
proxy kandupudichaalum oru naal work aaguthu next day dumeel :(
hmmmm sari athan life'nu manasa thaethikittu innum sila paeru inga vaela senjuttu thaan irukome enna seiyaa ?
ithukku thaan intha CMM level companies’la vaelayae seiyaa koodathu..

ser-ra varaikkum nalla irukkum perumaiya.. saernthaprum thaan theriyuthu silla kaduppu vishayangal
vaela irukumpothu yevanum vettiya iruka maataan.. so eppo vaela illayo appo atleast aacess tharalamlae ??

chaaa sari aprum naan rumba polambuven .. ithoda niruthikaren !
Next meet panren !

Naan rumba padam paarpen.. enna panna namma oora vittu veliya ponaa atha thavira vaera pozhuthu pokkae kidaiyaathunu mind Set aayuduthu athaan So romba jasthiya dialogue pesuven sooo konjam adjusttt.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


After a long gap am into blogging.. rombaa naala my blogging Rights were denied by my company.. somehow managed a proxy and now started blogging :)